‘Me Jane’

'Me Jane' is my 19th book, published by AuthorHouse in May 2020

‘Me Jane’ follows a 1950’s childhood through the thoughts and feelings of a child living in the countryside then sent to a rather demanding boarding school in Surrey (complete with mad matron and flasher). The language gradually changes from that of a four-year old, on through her teenage years (with a desperate search for a boyfriend) until, at 17, she becomes a beatnik and heads off to study art in Oxford.

Using her mother’s diaries, and later her own, she evokes clear memories of those far off days, so different from now. It also tells how those in power – a subject not taught in schools – deprived Aylesbury of a beautiful Georgian house and grounds which had taken the family seven years to completely restore, but which was subsequently destroyed by a road-widening scheme – and which also broke apart the marriage of her father and mother.