Jane Waller Curriculum Vitae

1962-1963 Oxford Art College: Pre-diploma year.
1963-1966 Hornsey Art College: BA. Sculpture.
1966-1969 Sir John Cass College, London. Structured course in Advanced Ceramics.
1979-1982 Royal College of Art. M.A. in Ceramics (and some Glass).


1982 Honoriad Show. Royal College of Art. Ceramics and glass
Falcon Art Gallery, Suffolk: Ceramics and Glass
1983 Falcon Art Gallery, Suffolk: Ceramics and Glass
1984 Amalgam Art Gallery, London: Ceramics (two-person)
Martha Schneider Gallery Illinois USA. Millefiori Work
1985 Sultan Art Gallery, Kuwait: Ceramics (solo)
Anatol Orient ‘Totem Exhibition’, London (2-person show)
Bohun Gallery, Henley-on-Thames. (3-person show)
1986 Sultan Art gallery Kuwait. Millefiori Work
Janet Fitch Gallery, London: Millefiori Bowls
Cre Gallery, London: Ceramic Treasure-Chests. (two-person)
Anatol Orient: ‘Perspectives Exhibition’; London. Millefiori bowls
Cre Gallery, London: Inlaid Coloured-slip Eggs
Cre Gallery, London, ‘Winter Exhibition’. Ceramic Treasure-Chests
1987 Bath ‘International Festival’: Ceramics
Anatol Orient, London: ‘The Box Show’
Cre Gallery ‘Easter Egg Exhibition’. Large inlaid coloured-slip Eggs
Cre Gallery ‘Summer Exhibition’. Millefiori Bowls
1988 Sir John Cass College, London. ‘Solo Retrospective Exhibition’
1989 Craft Potter Association. London ‘Exhibition of Raku’
Chenil Gallery, London. Millefiori & Raku
(Work first sold at Sotheby’s and Bonham’s)
1990 Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh. ‘Solo Exhibition.’ Millefiori & Raku
Opus One Gallery, London ‘Summer Exhibition’. Millefiori & Raku
Chenil Gallery, London. Millefiori & Raku
New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham. ‘Solo Exhibition’
1991/92 Plus One Exhibitions, London. Millefiori & Raku
1993 Alpha Gallery, Sherborne. ‘Ceramics, Glass and Nudes’
Plantation House, London. Millefiori & Raku
Henley Art Centre. Ceramics and Nudes
1994 Terrace Gallery, Worthing. Ceramics and Glass, books and Nudes
Amalgam Gallery, London. Female Nudes in Pottery and pastel.
Alpha House Gallery, Sherborne. Millefiori and Raku
1995 Arts Centre Tunbridge Wells. Millefiori, Raku, Inlay and Glass.
1996 Henley Art Centre. Millefiori and Raku and Nudes
(From here, most of my work was stashed away as we moved to a small Chequers Lodge.)
2000 Modern Art Gallery, Whitchurch. Ceramics, Glass and Nudes
2002 ‘Off the Wall’ Art Exhibition, Aylesbury Museum. Ceramics and Nudes
2003 ‘Off the Wall’ Art Exhibition. Aylesbury Museum.
Modern Art Gallery, Whitchurch. Ceramics, Glass and Drawings
2004 The Obsidian Art Gallery, Bucks. Nudes and Ceramics and Dancers
2005 ‘Primavera’ Cambridge. A dozen Large Ceramic Eggs.

After this, I became reclusive, just selling work at Bonham’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips. Later, I set up my own Art Group in ‘Little Kimble Art Group’ for the Bucks Art weeks.

Now I exhibit locally at a large number of venues, including Waddesdon, Mentmore and the Chiltern MS Society, mostly selling ‘Dancers in Movement Drawings’, and my books. (And it wasn’t until I built my new Long Gallery out of flint, brick and oak, that I had room to unpack my ceramics and glass and put them on show).


Fred and Estelle Marer ‘Collection of Contemporary Ceramics’ at Scripps College. Calif. USA.
Bob Chenciner. London. Millefiori Collection.
Sue and Martin Gould Collection. USA
Gill Pyrah London. ‘Velvet Egg’
Martha Schneider Gallery, Chicago. USA
A large ‘Apostle’s Millefiori Egg’ in The Master’s Reception Room, St John’s College, Cambridge.
Aylesbury Museum. ‘Brick Wall’ Millefiori Bowl, Fossil Egg, Incremental Raku and 3 others.
A bowl in a Japanese Shrine.
Jennifer Vaughan-Rees Ceramic Collection. Miami Fla. USA
Ashmolean Museum. ‘Millefiori Hexagonal Bowl’, ‘Aztec Millefiori Dish’,
‘Carinated Gleaming Raku’ and ‘Grey Raku Vase’.


Ceramics Books

1990 ‘Handbuilt Ceramics.’ (Batsford Books)
1998 ‘Colour in Clay.’ (Crowood Press)
2001 ‘The Human Form in Clay.’ (Crowood Press)

Fashion and Social History

1972 ‘A Stitch in Time.’ Patterns & Social History 1920-1950. (Duckworth)
1974 ‘Some things for the Children.’ Patterns & Social History 1920-1950. (Duckworth)
1977 ‘A Man’s Book.’ Patterns & Social History 1920-11950. (Duckworth)
1981 ‘The Thirties Family Knitting Book.’ Patterns & Social History. (Duckworth)
1984 ‘The Man’s Knitting Book.’ (Thames and Hudson)
2006 ‘Knitting Fashions of the 1940’s’ (Crowood Press)
2008 ‘A Stitch in Time’ Vol I - with Susan Crawford – (Arbour House Publishing)
2011 ‘A Stitch in Time’ Vol 2 - with Susan Crawford – (Arbour House Publishing)

Social History of WW2

(co-written with Michael Vaughan-Rees, my husband)
1987 ‘Women in Wartime.’ (Optima)
1989 ‘Women in Uniform.’ (Papermac)
1990 ‘Blitz.’ (Optima)

Children’s Books

1982 ‘Below the Green Pond’ (Abelard Shuman), winner of a Smarties Prize.
1994 ‘Saving the Dinosaurs’ (Pan Macmillan Piper)
1994 “Staatsgeheim’; Dutch edition of ‘Saving the Dinosaurs’ (Clavis)
1997 ‘Sludgegulpers’ (Pan Macmillan Piper)
1998 ‘Le peuple des égouts’; French edition of ‘Sludgegulpers (Hachette)
2012 new colour-illustrated version of ‘Below the Green Pond’ (Glis-Glis Publishing)
2013 ‘Under Buckingham Palace’; new version of ‘Sludgegulpers’ (Glis-Glis Publishing)
2014 new illustrated version of ‘Saving the Dinosaurs’ (Glis-Glis Publishing)

To Be Published (2019 +)

‘Weather or Not’ A Story of the Weather- with a warning. For age 9-90.

‘Me Jane’ A 1950’s Childhood in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire’ A Memoir

Articles by me on ceramics

1983 ‘ Millefiori Bowls’ (Ceramic Review’ pp. 18-19)
1988 ‘Colour in Raku Bodies’ (Ceramic Review’ pp. 32-35)
1993 ‘Colour in Clay ‘ part one. (Ceramic Review’ pp. 19-21)
1994 ‘Colour in Clay ‘ part two. (Ceramic Review’ pp. 43-46)
1994 ‘Colour in Clay ‘ part three. (Ceramic Review’ pp. 22-25)

Articles on my ceramics

1979 ‘Pottery’ by Tony Birks;
on Millefiori, pp. 103 & 107; on Raku Bowls, p. 80; on Press-moulded Forms, p. 46
1993 ‘The Complete Potter’s Companion’ by Tony Birks;
on Multi-coloured Clays, pp.142-145; on Raku Firing Methods pp.182-3
2002 ‘The Ceramic Surface’ by Matthias Ostermann;
‘Inlaid Millefiori coloured clays’ ‘Reflective Bowl’ p.45
( I won a prize with my boyfriend, Mik Dunn in 1965 the ‘Young Contemporaries Exhibition’ shown at the FBA Gallery in Suffolk Street, London)


I saved The Art Deco Entrance of the Strand Palace Hotel, so that Roy Strong could put it in the V&A.
I ran a successful campaign from 1979-1983 to stop the then derelict Oxo-Tower from being pulled down.
The Jane Waller Collection of Knitting Patterns and Women’s Magazines are in The Winchester College Knitting Museum: University of Southampton. I gave a lecture there.