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Jane Waller is one of those people the British find difficult to categorise: someone who excels in a whole range of activities. After studying drawing, painting and sculpture she turned to ceramics, producing work described by the Arts Editor of the International Herald Tribune as “among the greatest creations of twentieth century pottery”.


‘Me Jane’ (read write up) and ‘Weather or Not’ (read write up) out this September.

Jane Waller

The most stunning revelation was the work of [Jane] Waller, virtually unknown even to collectors. Years ago, Waller devised a technique whereby different pieces of clay coloured right through by being mixed with natural oxides (cobalt, manganese, copper, iron) are patched together in abstract patterns. These are pounded in a mould, scraped much later after drying and glazed very much later still. The painstaking process, spread over several months, has enabled her to create bowls that rank among the great creations of 20th-century pottery.

(From ‘Contemporary Ceramics, Making History’ by Souren Melikian, International Herald Tribune, March 4-5, 1989)