As well as being an artist, Jane is a prolific writer, having already written 19 books, most of these brought out by well-known publishers such as Macmillan, Duckworth, Batsford, Optima and Abelard.   Some, however, are now available from her own imprint, Glis-Glis Publishing.

October 2019. Jane's 18th book, 'Weather or Not', has now come out (see cover below). This is what she says about it.

‘Weather or Not’, my Global Warming book - a work of fiction – is available from Amazon. Price £8.99. It is for readers aged 9-90, including those who go out to sea in ships – and those who love the Shipping Forecast.

I had this idea long ago, while twiddling the knobs on our ‘Bakelite’ radiogram aged six or seven. I would listen to the Shipping Forecast presuming that Dogger and Bailey, Hebrides, Malin and so on were characters who actually made the weather for us every day.

When I first began writing my ‘Weather Story’, I divided them into two groups: the Fair and Foul Weather Fairies, battling to control our weather. And as I wrote more and more they turned into individuals, Malin-the-Bad, for example, and Finistere the White Witch.

Much later, I developed it for ‘Creative Writing’- the subsidiary subject I chose while studying for my MA in Ceramicsat The Royal College of Art.  And it won the ‘Creative Writing Prize’, chosen by Sir Christopher Frayling and Richard Chopping.  However, the story, though fun, still didn’t have a strong enough core for my liking. Then, as we became aware of ‘Global Warming’,I realised that this would provide a strong centre for me to complete the tale.

So the book, now finished, is about the rise of Global Warming seen through the eyes of Wendy, a young girl snatched from the roof of the Exeter Weather Station by German Bight, only to be captured and imprisoned in the dark, unwholesome dungeons of Heligoland – a cloud-castle situated at the heart of a LOW barely rising above the Irish Sea – the home of the Foul Weather-Makers.    Then, as she uses the Jet Stream, we follow Wendy on a journey to Beaufort – a towering white Cumulus Cloud situated above the White Cliffs of Dover where the Fair Weather-Makers like Faroes, Fair Isle, Fastnet and Nanny Dover dwell.

And as the story gains speed, it results in a terrible Weather War, with Wendy learning what would happen if the Foul Weather-Makers held all the power over the Earth's future weather, and then what the Fair Weather-Makers would cause if they were solely in control.Wendy is sent down again to Exeter, to warn us Mortals about all the changes that need to be made urgently to save Planet Earth.


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