‘Black Hole with Event Horizon Firewall’

103 cm high x 88 cm wide x 6 cm deep.

Begun in 2018 and completed in 2019 (3 weeks before the picture of a real Black Hole came out on TV!)

This is a hanging sculpture from recycled material made from all my old stockings, cut lengthwise, plaited, and finely-stitched into a deep dark central hole, surrounded with its Firewall of brightly-coloured energy-sparks in concentric rings.

As I stitched the plaits, they made their own 3- d shapes. (The shards of colour evoke for me, too, electric moments in my own life’s event horizon).

Black Hole with Event Horizon Firewall’ (begun in 2018)

The larger ‘Black Hole With Event Horizon Firewall’ Completed in 2019 (and having some celestial stars added).

Sculpture made from Recycled Material

‘Portrait of Margaret Thatcher in Silver Kit-Kat Wrappers’

(with the addition of some Christmas bon-bon wrappers in blue and red for eyes and lips)

60 cm high x 54 cm wide x 1cm deep: made from 2018-2019

Dichrotic ‘Saphiret Glass’

Dichrotic ‘Saphiret Glass’ looks brown when reflecting light and purple when light shines through. Fred Daden, the Gaffer in the Royal College of Art Glass Department, gave me a piece of this to blow at the RCA, and I made this group of small vases and a tumbler. It is made by mixing molten gold and glass and was much valued by the Victorians. But its production ended when gold got too costly. And now it is sought after.