Under Buckingham Palace

Under Buckingham Palace is the reincarnation of a now out-of-print book written by Jane some years ago, called the Sludge Gulpers.

It is a delightful tale of a young girl who finds herself down in London’s sewers with a very important, dangerous journey ahead.

Soon to be stocked in Waterstones and also available direct from Jane, this new book costs just £6.99.
Under Buckingham Palace by Jane Waller
It’s perfect for children but Jane’s books are so inclusive they can be enjoyed by 8 – 90 year olds alike.

And even 100 year olds!

“The old lift creaked downward, and when it reached the bottom floor of her block of flats, to Suzie’s horror, it didn’t stop… but went on going down and down and down…

Suzie finds herself in the sewer tunnels under London, and in this strange subteranean world a group of creatures are expecting her.

They are the Sludge-Gulpers, and they’ve kept their existence a secret from Humans for centuries.

But now, treacherous things are going on under Buckingham Palace. The terrible Queen Greenmould is scheming to take over the complete sewer-system; and, even worse, to start interfering Up Above.

And Suzie is needed to help save the Sludge-Gulpers from the foul sewer Queen, the evil Slime-Grubbers, and the ferocious army of rats.

A wonderfully horribe, fast-flowing and witty tale to delight readers from age 9 to 90.”

It’s a truly wonderful read and once you’ve finished you’ll want to grab one of Jane’s other books, that is if you haven’t read them already.

Contact Jane to buy a signed copy direct from her.