Jane’s brand new novel (previously unpublished)’The Egyptian Princess’

The Egyptian Princess is out now – both as a very cheap e-book on Amazon or a real book price £6.99 with 4 colour illustrations by Mike Spark.

The Egyptian Princes by Jane Waller


Peter Phillips, the time-traveller from ‘Saving the Dinosaurs’, now thirteen, is sent back 5,000 years to Ancient Egypt at the time of the Fourth Dynasty. There he finds a world where the wheel has not yet been invented, where the prayers of the Pharaoh alone guarantee that the Nile will provide sufficient water for the crops, and where Ra-Atum, the Sun God, has to travel by boat through the underworld each night in order to rise in the morning.

Shortly after his arrival he is befriended by the Pharaoh’s daughter, Princess Mer-tio-tess, who believes he is a Spirit sent to help her.

While increasingly attracted towards the Princess he finds himself drawn into a web of power struggles and rivalry.

And things get worse when Peter, by accident, brings her back to present-day London, a cold place filled with sad looking people which, she believes, must be the Underworld.

Signed copies dedicated to a name – or names are Available  from:

‘Glis-Glis Publishing’
Ellesborough Lodge
The Chequers Estate.
Bucks HP17 OXF

Or contact Jane here.

The Egyptian Princess and other novels by Jane Waller can be ordered through Waterstones – but they don’t stock them!

A few signed copies are available from Aylesbury Museum.

The perfect Christmas present for anyone aged 10 to 100.



Meet Igor the enormous yellow toothed rat

You’ve all probably seen a rat in your garden or in the streets of London looking for food around bins and rubbish. They say you are never six feet from a rat in London which is a very scary thought.

But you have most definitely never met any rat quite a huge as Igor.

Here is a taster for you from page 70 when Susie meets Igor for the first time down in the slimy, dark, dank London sewers… Under Buckingham Palace

Igor the enormous cat sized rat from Under Buckingham Palace

Igor the enormous cat sized rat with his yellowing teeth and ropey tail

‘Oh!’ she yelped.
‘What is it? Sshh!’
‘Look! Look at that Rat. He’s monstrous!’
A rat of enormous size – bigger than a cat – sat contentedly at Griselda’s feet, his ropey tail knotted firmly round one of her legs.
White whiskers twitched on his face. Occasionally he bared some yellowing teeth.
‘That’s Igor, the Princess’s pet rat. Yes, he is rather large, I suppose. He’s a Black Rat, and he belongs to the Old English Ratocracy. There aren’t many of them left.’

Well thank goodness there aren’t many of them left…

If you live in London and have ever wondered what goes on under your feet in the smelly sewers, Under Buckingham Palace is a must read exciting page turner. It follows the adventures of Susie, who one day finds herself down in the sewers when the lifts in her flat go wrong. She is stuck in a terrifying and dangerous world where she must fight to save the life of the Queen of England against hideous sludge gulpers and grotesque slimy creatures. Can she stop them? you’ll have to buy the book to find out.

If you would like to buy a copy you can buy it direct from Jane or as a Kindle book on Amazon.

Meet Princess Griselda – absolutely uglificent!

Have you ever seen anything quite so ugly as Princess Griselda? Well you haven’t met her mother Queen Greemould yet.

To read about Suzie’s incredible adventure in the sewers of London you’ll have to contact author Jane Waller to buy your copy of Under Buckingham Palace.

You’ll never see London streets, manhole covers or drains in quite the same way ever again. Does your sewer have a family of sludge gulpers, a rat army and slime grubbers?

Princess Griselda sludge gulper - Under Buckingham Palace by Jane Waller

Here is just a tiny taster from p.70 of the book when Suzie meets Princess Griselda on her amazing adventure:

Princess Griselda was ghastly – the ugliest thing Suzie had ever set eyes on. Splodges of a vivid sulphur yellow tumbled over one another in rich profusion, snugly settling in a series of spare tyres which spanned her lower circumference. Her dark spotted eyes bulged like her arms and legs.
‘She’s… absolutely uglificent… I mean magnificent.’ said Suzie.

You’ll have to buy your copy of Under Buckingham Palace by Jane Waller to hear more of Suzie’s ghastly adventures.

Available directly from Jane at just £6.99 and shortly at Waterstones book stores.

Bucks Open Studios – 8th June to 23rd June

Jane took part in Bucks Open Studios again in June 2013 with her faithful group of artists at the Stuart Hall at Little Kimble.

Manon by Jane Waller - dancers in motionGroup Participants:

  • James Watts, Painting
  • Jane Waller, Drawing
  • Lieselotte Edwards , Ceramics
  • Michael Spark, Painting
  • Nile Ateem, Photography
  • Rosalind Castling, Textiles
  • Susie Upstone, Jewellery

Felting, Ceramics, Paintings, Jewellery, Drawings

Quality, diverse works from Nile Ateem, Rosalind Castling, Leiselotte Edwards, Michael Spark, Susie Upstone, Jane Waller, James Watts.

A group of established and new artists exhibiting a wide variety of exciting and well-produced artworks for all tastes and budgets.

Look out for details of the 2014 Bucks Open Studios, to be held in the same venue from 7-22 June, 2014.


To find out more about Bucks Open Studios and see other local artists taking part visit http://www.bucksopenstudios.org.uk

Below the green pond now available on Amazon

Below the Green Pond now available on Kindle on AmazonBelow the Green Pond, Jane Waller’s beautiful book about a small boy who finds himself lost in the underwater world of his local pond is now available on Amazon as an ebook, a brilliant Christmas present idea for adventure, science and nature loving kids and adults.

You don’t necessarily need a Kindle or ereader to enjoy this book, anyone can download some software to their PC to allow them to read this book also.

All of the inhabitants of the pond live (and die) as they would in real life, and most of them are known by their scientific names: Daphnia, Dugesia Lugubris, Cristatellla, Victorella and Volvox, for example. And Owen’s first underwater friend (Sedilla, the water flea) teaches him – and the readers of the book – a lot about what goes on in the world around us, without most of us being aware of it.

Here is a very brief extract from the book, if you want to read more there is a sneak peak option on Amazon but you’ll really have to buy a copy…

“The Algae are the most important part of our pond,” explained Sedilla. “They cover nearly the whole surface and give us food and oxygen to breathe. And all by using the light from the Sun. The process is called photosynthesis.”

“Whatever does that mean?” asked Owen, feeling even smaller.

“Really, your ignorance astounds me,” said Sedilla. “Have you no knowledge
of Greek?”

“No”, said Owen, his eyes widening. These Pond-creatures were putting him
to shame. “Please explain”.

“It’s a very simple Greek word. Photo means light, and synthesis means
putting-together. That wasn’t too difficult now, was it?”

It is beautifully illustrated by Michael Sparks and is a must read for all nature loving children and adults.

To buy a copy visit Amazon – it’s a bargain at just £3.90

The rustle of silk – a poem inspired by the work of Jane Waller

The rustle of silk

By Ruth Holroyd, May 2010

The lights dim, darkness fills the room.
As the curtains slowly rise,
shadows of bodies bloom,
like flowers reaching for the skies.

Ballerina dancing by Jane WallerThe rustle of silk
as movement takes hold.
Skin pale as milk
The dancers unfold.

An arm stretched wide
Toes pointed, legs taut
Seeming to glide
Muscles and sinews wrought

Sometimes slow with poise,
others lithe and joyful.
Moving in time without noise:
Fragile, beautiful and graceful.

Fluid traces fill the space.
The dancers are as one.
Moving with such grace.
A spider’s web is spun.

Their very souls entwine.
Rhythm and music flow.
Total symmetry, a winding vine;
Flowing, melding, all aglow.

Amazing, graceful statuesque,
like birds in formation together.
One final glorious arabesque;
landing like a feather.

A poem inspired by the art of Jane Waller

Ballerina life drawing – with Jane Waller

On Monday 1st October Jane Waller was invited to speak about how she draws ballet dancers in movement at Stewart Clough’s Life Drawing class in Longwick.
Jane Waller drawing ballet dancer in Longwick
In a packed hall a beatifully elegant ballet dancer Aisling Longshaw performed various different pieces, first at normal speed, then slower, and then holding poses so we could all have a go at capturing both the movement, symmetry and lines of the body.

Drawing anything or anyone when they are moving is no mean feat. Jane had tips and suggestions for the group of how to stand back and free up your arm and hands to move with the movement of the dancer.

When you’re used to drawing things that aren’t moving this is an art in itself. Jane is used to drawing dancers in motion.

Add the movement to the fact that when Jane draws her dancer drawings she is in almost total darkness at a live ballet performance.

Drawing ballet dancer in motionIt was quite amazing to walk around afterwards and admire the varied work produced by everyone in the group.

Noone had drawn exactly the same thing, everyone had their own version, style and depiction of the movements.

A real challenge for the whole group.

Stewart is hoping to run another session in the near future with a ballet dancer because this one was so popular, fun and successful. Details to follow as soon as we know a date.

To find out more about Stewart Clough’s Life Drawing classes visit www.stewartclough.com, email art@stewartclough.com or phone 07901 517396

To read comments from some of the artists who attended this evening read Stewart’s blog ‘Life Drawing with ballerina Aisling Longshaw’.

Dancer drawings at Waddesdon artists & makers event 10-11 May 2014

Jane took part in a recent artists and makers event at The Waddesdon Plant centre earlier this year in November 2013 and loved it so much she’ll be  going back on 10-11 May 2014.

Jane Waller at Waddesdon Plant Centre artists and makers event May 2012

Jane talking to an interested customer at Waddesdon Plant Centre artists and makers event May 2012

This event is jam packed full of artists from painters, ceramacists, jewellery makers, printers, sculptors etc.

It takes place in one of Waddesdon’s huge greenhouses, which just fills the space with an amazing light.

There is plenty of parking and absolutely loads to see. It opens at 10.30am and closes at 4.30pm each day. Why not visit the majestic Waddesdon Manor at the same time?

Come and visit Jane and all the other artists and stock up on presents for family and friends.

What better gift than a unique, bespoke piece of art created by someone you’ve met.

So if you know anyone who loves ballet or dancing, snap up one of her special ‘dancer in movement’ drawings.

To find out more about this event visit www.sallyevansevents.co.uk